Tir Asleigh

Tir Asleigh

Tir Asleigh is The Sunken Kingdom of The Oracle’s Fire. The entrance found at the base of a beautiful waterfall surely contradicts what lies beyond; a crumbled and dangerous trek through what once was a large and immaculate kingdom, now sunken and bereft in a sea of darkness.

Much of the Kingdom lies buried beneath rubble and occasionally opens to a clearing where the size and layout can be somewhat ascertained. The long forgotten cemetery and the flooded courtyard at Castle Crownmora doors are two examples.

The route to the interior is dangerous, the rubble is unstable and there is much below water and nearly everything else is knee deep in water save a few dry places. The still accessible areas in the castle are the only dry places and many areas are buried beyond exploration. The Keep and its Upper Halls, Castle Crownmora Wine Cellar, Undercroft and Sanctuary are all dry, but most are only accessible through either the Underwater Tunnelway or the Caved In Tunnelway.

It’s hard to imagine finding anything but creatures in a place such as this, but yet there is and they’re kids no less. Revik Caravin, Bors, Malik, Melie, Favin, Roma and Wren all call Tir Asleigh home and are the subject of A Family Affair, a sidequest to rescue them from the darkness. The other inhabitants being Water Dragons and the subject of The Sunken Kingdom, The Accursed man.

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