The Milk Stop Pub

The Milk Stop Pub, Cat's Cradle


Questgiver: Kevyn LorgramEdit

Location: The Milk Stop PubEdit


Stopping in and speaking with Kevyn Lorgram in Milk Stop Pub of Cat's Cradle will reveal he’s a chef who appreciates the finer delicacies in life. He makes a wonderful pie he says, but there’s a catch. He needs mushrooms; specifically Sobhlasta Mushrooms and 10 samples will do.

Although they are rare; there are ample supplies of Sobhlasta Mushrooms to be found inside both Fieldhouse Cave and Shattered Scales Cave. Collect the needed samples for Kevyn and return for some world class Sobhlasta Pie.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

Talking with Kevyn Lorgram in the Milk Stop Pub of Cat's Cradle will present an opportunity to help a gourmet chef out with a needed ingredient. Sobhlasta Mushrooms are needed for pie and Kevyn doesn’t have any.

Sobhlasta Mushrooms can be found in both Fieldhouse cave and its associated Black Balconies of Fieldhouse (to the west of Cat’s Cradle) and Shattered Scales Caves along with Shattered Scales Long Run to the north of Cat’s Cradle. Sobhlasta Mushrooms are uniquely different and quite easy to spot. Kevyn requires 10 samples, simple enough with 1 loose Sobhlasta Cap and 97 plants to choose from.

Collect the needed samples for Kevyn and return to the Milk Stop Pub for some world class Sobhlasta Pie. Kevyn will take the 10 needed Sobhlasta Caps and have the pie ready a day later.

Mushroom Gathering Areas:

Fieldhouse Cave (West of Cat's Cradle)

Shattered Scales Cave (North of Cat's Cradle)

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