Yem Parlow

Yem Parlow


Questgiver: Yem ParlowEdit

Locations: Strange SewerwayEdit


Yem Parlow is seen during the Tomb of the Unknown portion of Spies Like Us quest. Yem is none too pleased with his current situation and offers the chance to help change his lot in life.

The result is Guttertap Tavern, a posh new tavern in the Temple District of the Imperial City, a little gold and a reasonable room rate.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

Yem Parlow is seen during the Tomb of the Unknown portion of Spies Like Us quest. Yem had other plans, but due to unforeseen circumstances he is tending bar in The Strange Sewerway for the resident baddies.

Speaking with Yem will get the story of what his plans were and an offer to help him out. Clear out the goblins and their filth from property he has business plans for. The Infested Sewerway entrance is a well is in the Temple District.

The sewerway consists of 5 rooms, 3 of which are barred by gates. The area is infested by Goblins and has 4 rubbish piles to be removed. The first turn handle is located on the wall just below the entrance; the other two handles are in the room with the gates. There is 1 rubbish pile to the left in the second room and 1 in each of the gated rooms. Remove the rubbish piles by activating them and choosing to remove. After killing all the Goblins and clearing the rubbish piles the quest will update. Return to Yem Parlow.

Yem will offer up some gold and an invitation to see his new place, the Guttertap Tavern. Yem is not only a barkeep, but a vendor with fencing capabilities as well.

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