A Taste of Morrowind

Morrowind in Cape Town

A Taste of MorrowindEdit

Kratos is the proprieter of A Taste of Morrowind in Cape Town. Cape Town is visited during A Spymaster's Apprentice, however A Taste of Morrowind can be accessed at any time.

Kratos has 5,000 gold to barter with and sells Apparel, Apparatuses, Potions including the much sought after Akaviri Fire Draught and S'Wit, Ingredients and Miscellaneous items.

The SeadogEdit

The Seadog is located in Cape Town along the wharf. Bard the Bowman the host. He has 200 gold to barter with selling Apparel, Potions, Ingredients and Books. Bard the Bowman is also a Journeyman trainer in Mercantile.

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