Imperial Manor

The Imperial Manor is located in the Arena District of the Imperial City. It can be obtained for free through The Ghost March a sidequest originating in the village of Brise. While the house itself is free, the contents had been pawned and need to be repurchased for the furnishings. There is benefit in retrieving Ginny’s goods; Imperial Manor is home to one of the Lost Scrolls of There Came a Dark Rider.

After repurchasing the goods, the house is wonderfully decorated with many treasures to find, among which are the aforementioned Lost Scroll and Claudio’s entire suit of Imperial Armor. The rooms are spacious with ample storage, comfortable arrangements and wonderful nuances give the Manor a homey feeling.

Note: The manor can be accessed prior initiating The Ghost March by picking the lock on the back door. There is a bed roll and a container which can be used prior to purchasing the items from Jensine. Once the items from Jensine are purchased all items in the Manor are replaced including the bedroll and container. Remove any items stashed prior to seeing Jensine to avoid loss!

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