Titan with Master tack

A Masterful Titan


Questgiver: Adwyn SuttonEdit

Location: Cavalry Hills Farm, SkingradEdit


As is said by Adwyn Sutton himself, Cavalry Hills Farm offers the finest Warhorse flesh in all Cyrodiil and he certainly has a grand enough of a selection to back up his claims. Cavalry Hills Farm is open to all players of RST regardless of main quest completion for purchases, provided you’ve got the coin.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

Cavalry Hills Farm headquarters is located north of Skingrad and is accessible to players as soon as RST is loaded and active. Adwyn Sutton is the proprietor and offers 8 beautiful steeds with 3 different tack options in his selections. Upon engaging Adwyn in conversation he will offer a look ‘round the paddock or a straight-up sale, looking around is handy as the horses are sold by their names.

Tip: While players can purchase a horse at any time once RST is loaded and active, please keep in mind whichever tack is selected at purchase can not be changed.

After having made the difficult decision of which gorgeous steed to purchase another option is offered by Adwyn; tack. There are three different types of tack to choose from; all tack is included in the purchase price of the steed, however two of them have prerequisites to meet.


Standard Tack

Standard Tack is available to all players of RST. No requirements to fulfill.


Blades Tack

Blades Tack is available only to players who have accepted Grandmaster Thieney’s proposal and joined the Blades faction. Minimum requirement: Blades faction


Master Tack

Master Tack is available only to players who have successfully completed the main quest of RST. Minimum requirement, Blademaster.

Select the horse, select the tack and Adwyn will have the steed equipped and waiting in the paddock in a jiffy.

For a complete rundown and comparison on the individual horse stats see: Horses

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