Bootlegger's Port

A Hidden Port!

After traversing the Ancient Passageway and Bootlegger Mines one can sense this is no ordinary location and the vista presented upon emerging will cause the dark dankness of the path to become a distant memory.

Bootlegger Port plays a prominent role in Fires Diminished of The Oracle’s Fire. It is a breathtakingly beautiful area and although there is no player home here, that should pose no hindrance in taking time to enjoy the views and residential areas.

The port is comprised of two parts with the main residential section being on the north-side accessed by a footbridge near the stern of the ship. Permanent residents of Bootlegger Port include Kerns and Venno who have small homes starboard off ship. The Captain, Serault is aboard the ship in the Captain’s Cabin. Portside residents are Jora and Balen, Awiti, Helda, Adda and Willam, Udulf, Srenn, Torlo and Handen.

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