Wind Blade

Blade of Freezing Wind

The Blade of Freezing Wind can be found behind the locked Stalhrim gates behind the throne in Gothcorga's Ice Palace Throne Room. It does major damage, and is the only weapon in the game strong enough to take out King Ragnor even if only temporarily. Once the Armored Bear King is defeated, the blade should be returned to to the display case or dropped from your inventory as there's no way to leave Gothcorga with it on your person. The blade melts when it's taken away from the exreme cold of the mountain vale. A lesser powered version is available for purchase in the Cloud Ruler Shop at the end of the RST Main Quest

Name Type Weight Health Value Damage Speed Reach Description Location
Blade of Freezing Wind Blade 48 50,072 5,100 25,500 1.00 1.00 Area Frost, Strong Gothcorga
Blade of Freezing Wind -Replica Blade 25 400 350 18 1.10 1.30 Frost Damage, 15 Polar Cloud Ruler Shop

Blade of Freezing Wind

Blade of Freezing Wind

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