A Family Affair

A Family Affair


Questgiver: Conal CorsairEdit

Location: Stormwake ManorEdit


A childless couple with a huge manor and in need of a hero; A Family Affair can be started at any time after RST is loaded, however, it can not be completed until after The Sunken Kingdom portion of The Oracle’s Fire. Starting the quest is as easy as finding Stormwake Manor just northwest of Skingrad and speaking with Conal Corsair.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

Stormwake Manor is easily found by leaving out the west gate of Skingrad and heading north on the Skingrad skirt trail, the manor is northwest of Skingrad. Speaking with Tessa Corsair will net a brush off, she is busy praying. Speaking with Conal Corsair will reveal much more information and depending whether The Sunken Kingdom has been completed or not, will direct the next stage.

If The Sunken Kingdom has not been completed; remember the Corsairs, an opportunity will present itself.

If The Sunken Kingdom has been completed, the opportunity will arise to tell Conal of the Young from your adventures. Return to Tir Asleigh and tell Revik of the news, he will inform the others and the quest nearly completes with everyone arriving safely at the manor.

Speak with Tessa for appreciative thanks, speaking with Conal will earn a sum of gold plus Helm of Stormwake and an invitation to check on the children if so desired, they’re everywhere!

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